2016 E/V Nautilus Expedition Begins!

Welcome explorers! The 2016 Nautilus Expedition begins tomorrow, so make sure you tune in! The feeds will be live tomorrow at NautilusLive.org. You’ll also be able to watch the Hercules and Argus cameras here, once we’ve made sure the streams are working perfectly over at the Nautilus Live website.

The Nautilus team will be helping Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) install and recover fiber-optic cables along the seafloor, which provide multiple NEPTUNE observatories with power and data flow.

From NautilusLive.org:

E/V Nautilus will begin her second season in the Pacific Ocean exploring Canadian waters with Ocean Networks Canada (ONC). ONC operates world leading cabled ocean observatories that supply continuous power and Internet connectivity to a broad suite of subsea instruments. The ONC observatory installations span one of the widest ranges of ocean environments found anywhere in the world.

To get people excited about their upcoming expedition season, the Ocean Exploration Trust has released an astounding new trailer, remade in the style of the original 2012 version (watch it here, courtesy of National Geographic). The score for both trailers was created by Pete Seibert, professional composer. The track really manages to capture the mystique of the deep sea.

As you can see from OET’s expedition map above, Nautilus will be sailing south after the first leg of the expedition, visiting many points of interest on the west coast of the United States. Check back in the coming months to see what they discover next!

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