The Inner Space Center houses some of the most advanced telepresence technologies and ocean exploration tools available to ocean scientists and educators.

Mission Control

Mission Control is where scientists, students, and watchstanders come to participate in live research expedition and exploration programs. In Mission Control, these virtual cruise participants have access to high definition video feeds on large, state-of-the-art projection screens. Computer stations called “Science Pods” provide access to navigation and other streaming data from ships and remotely operated vehicles, instant messaging and logging systems, and video recording software necessary to participate in the ships’ activities.

E/V Nautilus uses telepresence to talk to scientists in ISC Mission Control.

Broadcast Hub

The ISC Hub houses the servers and hardware that receive and redistribute live video from research and exploration vessels. The hub’s capabilities allow for distribution to the entire world, over the Internet, including high-definition multicast video streaming to partner sites through Internet2.


The ISC Studio is a fully-equipped video shooting location, equipped with microphones and cameras that are tied directly into our broadcast and recording systems.

Nautilus Live Host Koby Gartner introduces the E/V Nautilus crew for a live interaction. Filmed in the ISC Studio.

Production Control

ISC Production Control provides live and post-production capabilities directly adjacent to the studio. This facility contains professional video switchers, mixers, QC monitors, intercoms, video editing and dubbing stations, and guest operating space in which our partners can perform a full range of production activities (scripting, editing, teleprompting, etc.).

Video Engineers conduct a live interaction between the Nautilus and Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

The ISC Studio and Production Control are the home of Nautilus Live.


ISC Ops is home to many ISC projects. Services rendered include video editing, graphics production, web development, data archival and retrieval, data processing, and systems troubleshooting.

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