Welcome to the Inner Space Center (ISC) online booking portal. If you have any problems booking your event, contact or call (401) 874-6414.

Public Tour

Many thanks to those that took the time to explore with the ISC this summer!  Our expanded offering of public tours was very successful.  Please stay tuned as the public tour schedule is determined for the remainder of 2017.

Reservations for the ISC public tour must be made 24 hours in advance.  No school or youth groups, please (those are booked separately).

School/Youth Group Tour Request

This 45-minute tour of the Inner Space Center is designed for school/youth/camp groups. Tour size is limited to 30 participants, including three chaperones.  $5/person, minimum of $50 per tour. Request a school/youth group tour here.

Education Program Request

A variety of 45-minute program options are available for your educational experience. Inner Space Center educational programs are intended for school (5th grade through undergraduate), youth (ages 10 and above), and public groups. Select programs can be adapted for younger audiences.  Request an ISC education program here.

Private Tour Request

This 45-minute tour of the Inner Space Center is not intended for schools or school-aged groups.  Members of higher education, historical societies, retirement communities, elder hostel groups, and other adult interest programs are welcome.  $5/person, minimum of $50 per tour.   Request a private tour here.

URI Faculty/Staff Tour Request

The Inner Space Center welcomes University of Rhode Island faculty, staff, and students, however, the ISC is a working facility. All staff members are paid on federal grants, and the ISC does not have staff regularly available to lead tours. Provided there is a staff member available and the ISC schedule is open, an ISC staff member may be available to lead a facility tour, on request, for URI faculty/classes, staff, and ISC partners.  We also request that reservations for a URI faculty/staff tour be made 24 hours in advance.   Request a URI faculty/staff tour here.