R/V Endeavor Image Gallery

The Inner Space Center is the live streaming provider of the R/V Endeavor, operated by the URI Graduate School of Oceanography.

The Endeavor sails on missions throughout the Atlantic Ocean with scientists and students from URI as well as other institutes. GSO faculty utilize the ship to test new equipment, introduce students to life at sea and conduct research. ISC Staff sail aboard the Endeavor to test equipment, conduct live broadcasts and interactions as well as direct video productions.

Here are a few images from previous R/V Endeavor cruises. Tune into the Endeavor Playlist on the ISC YouTube Channel for additional broadcasts and highlights from previous expeditions!

Ship Images


EN595 – Melissa Omand, Principal Investigator

EN572 – Melissa Omand, Principal Investigator

EN566 – Rhode Island Shipwrecks, Dwight Coleman, Principal Investigator