Endeavor Live

The Inner Space Center is the live streaming provider of the R/V Endeavor, operated by the URI Graduate School of Oceanography.

Inner Space Center presents: Endeavor Live!

From April 3-8, the Inner Space Center (ISC) will be supporting the University of Rhode Island (URI) Graduate School of Oceanography’s (GSO) Research Vessel (R/V) Endeavor during the research cruise component of a URI Honors course led by Dr. Karen Wishner (GSO) and GSO graduate student, Christopher Orphanides. The research cruise will focus on whale-zooplankton-environmental interactions that occur in coastal and offshore waters of Rhode Island. Investigating these interactions is central to management and conservation decisions for marine species such as the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Explore with us on this 6-day cruise as Wishner, Orphanides, and a group of eight URI honors students apply oceanographic instrumentation to display, analyze, and communicate collected data. Various events will take place to engage participants in the interdisciplinary nature of oceanography with an emphasis on the physical dynamics of ocean waters and how these influence marine life (and more specifically the marine food web) – from plankton to whales.

Each event will be about 25-minutes in duration and will provide live feeds from the ship as ISC team member, Holly Morin, introduces viewers to the scientists and students on board the Endeavor.  Updates on science conducted, data collected, and animals sighted will be provided.  Participants will be able to ask questions to those expedition members participating in the event.

Endeavor Live! Facebook Live Events:
Thursday, April 5 @ 7PM Eastern
Friday, April 6 @ 7PM Eastern
Saturday, April 7 @ 6PM Eastern
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Endeavor Live! Community Event:
Thursday, April 5 @ 7PM
White Hall Auditorium, URI Main Campus, Kingston

Endeavor Live! School Group Interactions:
Thursday, April 5, 10:00 AM AND 11:00 AM
Friday, April 6, 10:00 AM AND 11:00 AM
Registration is required to take part in a live broadcast.
Use this link to register.


The Endeavor sails on missions throughout the Atlantic Ocean with scientists and students from URI as well as other institutes. GSO faculty utilize the ship to test new equipment, introduce students to life at sea and conduct research.

When the Endeavor has a telepresence component to their mission, the live feed will be posted here. Until the next expedition, tune into the Endeavor Playlist on the ISC YouTube Channel for highlights from previous expeditions!

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