Endeavor Live

From April 14 to 18, 2017, the Inner Space Center will be supporting the University of Rhode Island’s R/V Endeavor during a science mission led by Professor Melissa Omand (GSO). On this 5-day cruise, Dr. Omand and a group of 11 URI honors students will analyze features of the shelf break, approximately 90 nautical miles south of Narragansett, RI. They will deploy oceanographic instruments to collect data that will be used to analyze the abundance and behavior of marine life on the shelf- from plankton to whales.

During the science mission, we will be streaming live from the ship to the ISC website.  Join scientists and students on board the R/V Endeavor for live interactions hosted by the ISC, see below for details.

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Live Interaction Events:

Registration is required to attend a public event. Register here!

Monday, April 17 @ 1 PM

URI Narragansett Bay Campus, Coastal Institute Auditorium*

Rhode Island College, Clark Science Building, Room 125

Tuesday, April 18 @ 10 AM

URI Narragansett Bay Campus, Coastal Institute Auditorium*

*Tours of the ISC are available in coordination with the URI Narragansett Bay Campus events.