Northwest Passage Project

The Northwest Passage Project (NPP) will explore the changing Arctic environment during an innovative expedition that will engage diverse audiences through real time interactions from sea, an ultra-high definition 2-hour documentary, and related community events.

Explore With Us: Rhode Island Shipwrecks

From September 2nd to September 6th, 2015, the URI/UNOLS R/V Endeavor embarked on a mission to explore shipwrecks near Block Island using new technologies. A telepresence system was built into Endeavor, allowing the EN566 expedition to be broadcast live to the Internet and Rhode Island PBS.

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Support

The Inner Space Center is the official live streaming partner of the Okeanos Explorer. Using cutting-edge equipment, the ISC transcodes and distributes all three simultaneous live streams to the Internet and participating scientists.

E/V Nautilus Support

The Inner Space Center performs several mission-critical functions for Robert Ballard’s E/V Nautilus. The ISC receives, transcodes, and distributes the public live streams for Also, the private Nautilus interactions with schools and aquariums are broadcast through the ISC Studio. All of the raw data and video recorded on the ship is archived at ISC Operations, where copies are made and delivered to scientists and governments worldwide.

The Unknown Ocean: Exploring Inner Space

The Unknown Ocean project, funded by the NOAA Office of Education, produced educational video programming about deep-sea exploration. These videos were available on interactive aquarium kiosks and as an interpreted live show.

The ISC Information Access System

This project, which was funded by the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation’s Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), facilitated the development of a prototype system to gain online access to Inner Space Center data archives. It serves as a model for the replay of oceanographic expedition data, especially during remotely-operated-vehicle (ROV) operations. Continued development of the portal for this system would result in a publicly accessible data archive for the ISC.

Discovery of Sound in the Sea

This website is an informational portal for ocean acoustics and related topics.

Hurricanes: Science and Society

This website provides information about hurricane science, hurricane-detection technology, and hurricane emergency preparedness.

Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance

A network of six multi-institutional projects working to advance exemplary climate change education through research and partnerships.

Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement (COSEE)

An international nonprofit network of ocean scientists and educators working together to transform ocean sciences education.

Marine Technology for Teachers and Students (MaTTS) Project

Opportunities for teachers and students to experience new technologies related to exploring the global ocean and discover pathways to marine careers.