Science Support

The Inner Space Center (ISC) at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography uses advanced telepresence technologies to bring ocean exploration to the world in real time. Through its state of the art facilities, the ISC expands the number of scientists engaged in live expeditions and inspires the next generation of ocean explorers.

The ISC supports ocean science research and education missions and activities of our partners. It serves ships in the U.S. research fleet (such as URI’s R/V Endeavor), the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and the Ocean Exploration Trust’s E/V Nautilus.  The ISC is capable of receiving real time video and data streams from the depths of the ocean and sending those data to scientists, students, and the public around the world in less than three seconds.

Teams of scientists and students virtually participate in expeditions and interact with live feeds from ships at sea inside ISC Mission Control. Computer stations provide access to navigation and other streaming data, instant messaging and logging systems, and video recording software necessary to follow and record the ships’ activities.

Ocean science education, outreach, and communication are central to the mission of the ISC. The ISC delivers educational programs to students, educators, and the public. It facilitates live communications between vessels at sea and classrooms and informal science education institutions around the country.

Current ISC services:

  • Telepresence Support
    • Video streaming on the commodity internet
    • Mobile telepresence unit (MTU) rental
    • On-location MTU technician
    • On-location videographer
    • In-residence science team support in ISC Mission Control
    • Daily video highlights production
    • Educational programming
    • Custom solutions
  • Research Support
    • Scientists and students utilize Mission Control to watch live dives
    • Interact directly with the vessel via intercom
    • Communicate via mission chat
  • Educational Programs
    • 45-minute program options
    • school (5th grade through undergraduate)
    • youth (ages 10 and above)
    • public groups.
    • Led by ISC staff
  • Production services
    • Video production
    • Data animation
    • Graphics
  • Interact

If you’d like to discuss how the ISC Team can assist with your project or expedition, contact the Inner Space Center at

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