Research Support

Research and Exploration Vessel expeditions that operate underwater vehicles require additional technical and engineering staff to support operations–therefore, the number of berths available to scientists are scarce. Telepresence is the alternative solution to these limitations.  The Inner Space Center Mission Control can accommodate a larger number of scientists and students who can virtually participate in expeditions and interact with live feeds from ships at sea in real time.  Depending on the mission, the science party can be staffed 24 hours/day, or only when the vehicle is in the water, at a specific dive site, or during specific sampling collections to make more efficient use of time. ISC Staff will be available to assist the science party throughout the expedition.

Computer stations provide access to navigation and other streaming data, instant messaging, logging systems, data processing and video recording software necessary to follow and record the ships’ operations. The following software are available for the science party’s use for planning and analyzing data:

  • Hypack
  • Qimera
  • Fledermaus
  • ArcGIS
  • Adobe Premier

This time lapse video demonstrates how scientists utilize the facility to stand watch during an expedition:

Additionally, the ISC can be utilized to facilitate live interactions with museums, school groups and classrooms to discuss relevant learning objectives, highlight new discoveries, and encourage students to engage in exploration missions.

To coordinate a live interaction for your class or participate in an upcoming mission please contact us.

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