Telepresence Support

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Support

The Inner Space Center is the official live streaming partner of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. Using cutting-edge equipment, the ISC transcodes and distributes all three simultaneous live streams to the Internet and participating scientists.

E/V Nautilus Support

The Inner Space Center performs several mission-critical functions for Robert Ballard’s E/V Nautilus. The ISC receives, transcodes, and distributes the public live streams for Also, the private Nautilus interactions with schools and aquariums are broadcast and produced through the ISC Studio. All of the raw data and video recorded on the ship is archived at ISC Operations, where copies are made and delivered to scientists and governments worldwide.


The Inner Space Center offers a number of Telepresence Support options for both vessels and remote locations. See below for descriptions of the services offered.


The Inner Space Center will receive the live video, audio, and data feeds from your research vessel (or any research site), rebroadcast the video stream as a multicast on Internet2, record the content, and make the recordings and data files available to users.  Two-way audio communications through telephone or intercom will also be supported, and technical assistance will be provided. A dedicated watchstander will be either on call or on duty up to 12 hours per day to monitor the feeds and assist with data logging and interactivity.  A customized telepresence solution will be provided through a partnership. The cost for this support does not include satellite bandwidth or an onboard mobile telepresence unit. Weekly and monthly discounted rates available. Please contact for pricing.



Multicast video streams can only be received on Internet2, available to most schools, colleges, universities, public libraries and government facilities. However, the decoded stream can be re-encoded at the ISC and published to various streaming service providers such as Ustream, Livestream or YouTube.  The stream can then be embedded on any site, private or public. The ISC will support this effort and provide technical assistance, including the development and hosting of a web page to display the live feed. Please contact for pricing.

Additional charges may apply for certain cloud hosting stream providers.  Weekly and monthly discounted rates available.


The ISC will provide a Mobile Telepresence Unit, consisting of a mobile server rack equipped with various audio and video devices. The MTU provides a stable solution for sending video and audio streams from cameras and microphones aboard the research vessel to the Inner Space Center. Does not include satellite dish or satellite bandwidth. Requires power and Internet connectivity. Please contact for pricing.

Cost does not include shipping.


The ISC will provide a technician to set up and/or administer the MTU for the research mission. The technician will troubleshoot, provide quality-control, and optimize the outbound streams. The technician will work closely with the science party to administer the telepresence program. Please contact for pricing.

Weekly discounted rates available. Cost does not include travel to and from the ship.


The ISC will provide a videographer with a documentary kit (camera, lights, etc.) to record the activities of the mission and conduct interviews with mission participants if desired. File delivery to client after end of cruise included. Editing services available upon request and price of editing service varies based on project(8 hour maximum per day). Please contact for pricing.

Weekly discounted rates available. Cost does not include travel and equipment shipping to and from the ship.


The ISC can host up to 8 scientists and/or students in Mission Control, where they can participate virtually in the cruise. From Mission Control, scientists can view all incoming video feeds, gain access to incoming data, communicate with the ships directly via intercom, participate in onboard discussions, and direct operations (12 hour/day maximum). Please contact for pricing.

Weekly discounted rates available.  Meals and/or housing support can be arranged for an additional fee.


The ISC team can produce highlight video clips from the day’s mission, which can then be uploaded to websites, YouTube, news media outlets, etc. The digital video files can be archived and delivered to our partners. Please contact for pricing.

Weekly discounted rates available.


An educational program related to a specific research mission will be produced and delivered from the ISC to a classroom or informal science education institution. The production will include gathering of background content, mission overview, and mission highlights. An ISC educator will host the interaction with scientists aboard the ship (up to 3 broadcasts/day). Please contact for pricing.


Custom solutions are available for research missions. Contact the ISC for more information.


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