This is what a shark egg looks like?

If you’ve worked at the Inner Space Center for as long as Alex and I have, it’s rare to see something you’ve never seen before during a live dive. The E/V Nautilus is currently studying volcanic activity in the area surrounding the Galapagos Islands, but they stumbled upon a field of what they believe to be shark eggs. As soon as they appeared onscreen, I called the ISC Video Crew into Mission Control to take a look.

Shark egg 2

The Inner Space Center generates the quad-split video feed for the website, so we can use the high-resolution version of that template to watch the multi-camera shot of ROV Hercules’s claw picking up the shark egg and depositing it into its sample basket.

In a few weeks, someone will bring us the Nautilus topside data drive, and we’ll be able to see the high-res wet lab photography of the egg case.

Shark egg 1

For now, we have the high-definition live stream recording, which we pass onto the OET production crew in our studio.

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