Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) Alliance

Key Inner Space Center Staff involved with CCEP are:

  • Gail Scowcroft, Alliance Office Director
  • Andrea Gingras, Alliance Office Coordinator
  • Derek Sutcliffe, Associate Marine Development Engineer

The Alliance Office, located at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, serves as the hub for the CCEP program. It facilitates communication among the CCEP projects, enables and nurtures cross-project coordination and collaboration, and supports the dissemination of Alliance resources. The CCEP Alliance Office also fosters communication with the larger climate change education community.

The six projects that constitute The Alliance are:

  • Climate Education Partners (CEP)
  • Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP)
  • Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education, Assessment and Research (MADE-CLEAR)
  • National Network for Ocean & Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI)
  • Pacific Islands Climate Change Education Partnership (PCEP)
  • Polar Learning and Responding Climate Change Education Partnership (PoLAR CCEP)

The mission of the CCEP Alliance is to advance exemplary climate change education through research and partnerships.

The vision of the CCEP Alliance is to develop:

  • educated citizens who are better prepared for a changing climate
  • powerful, proven educational approaches
  • a collaborative community of climate and learning scientists and educational practitioners

The CCEP Alliance is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to advance exemplary climate change education through research and practice.


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