Welcome to the Inner Space Center (ISC) online booking portal. If you have any problems booking your event, contact or call (401) 874-6414.

Education Program Request

A variety of 45-minute program options are available for your educational experience. Inner Space Center educational programs are intended for school (5th grade through undergraduate), youth (ages 10 and above), and public groups. Select programs can be adapted for younger audiences.  Request an ISC education program here.


All tours must be scheduled at least 4 days in advance. All tours must be booked through this online booking portal.

Fee: $150

School/Youth Group Tour Request

This 45-minute tour of the ISC is designed for school/youth/camp groups. Tour size is limited to 25 participants, including chaperones. Groups larger than 25 total participants will need to be broken into multiple tours.  Request a school/youth group tour here.

Private Tour Request

This 45-minute tour of the ISC is not intended for schools or school-aged groups.  Groups from higher education, historical societies, retirement communities, elder hostel groups, and other adult interest programs are welcome. Tour size is limited to 25 participants; groups larger than 25 total participants will need to be broken into multiple tours.  Request a private tour here.

URI Faculty/Staff Tour Request

The ISC welcomes University of Rhode Island faculty, staff, students, and ISC program partners. All ISC tours, led by ISC personnel, will be charged a fee, based on the ISC cost center’s published rates above. To have this fee waived, tour(s) for URI classes, labs, and scholars/scientists visiting the URI/GSO campus, will need to be led by someone other than ISC personnel (e.g. GSO Dean or designee, NOAA personnel, URI faculty member, etc.). Individuals designated to give these tours must have working knowledge of the ISC and must accompany the group(s) as scheduled in the booking. Please note: large K-12 school groups, and other academic groups from outside URI/GSO, should book their tours under the School/Youth Group Tour Request above, even if the group will be lead by a URI faculty or staff member.

All tours must be scheduled at least 4 business days in advance. The ISC is a working facility and does not have staff regularly available to lead tours, and/or may have other activities occurring preventing the possibility of touring the facility. Thus, all ISC tours, including those led by the GSO Dean’s Office/designee and/or URI faculty/staff, require advance online scheduling to minimize distraction, avoid scheduling conflicts, and ensure continuity of operations. Request a URI faculty/staff tour here.


**Note: At this time, ISC Public Tours are not being offered.**

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