Polar Stories: Live from Antarctica

From October 21 to November 2, 2019, with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Inner Space Center (ISC) conducted  LIVE interactions from onboard the R/V Laurence M. Gould (LMG). During this time, the LMG transported scientists, research gear, and other provisions for the austral spring/summer research season at Palmer Station, Antarctica. Live interactions took place from the ship during its roundtrip transit between Punta Arenas, Chile and Antarctica, as well as while the ship was stationed at Anvers Island, Antarctica.

The Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) is one of the most rapidly warming places on the globe. Critical research is being conducted in the WAP, and across Antarctica, to understand how this polar environment is responding to rapid warming. Each Polar Stories interaction event was approximately 25-minutes in duration and provided live feeds from the ship as ISC team member, Holly Morin, introduces viewers to the scientists onboard the LMG and at Palmer Station. Information on Antarctic scientific research, including research on penguins and ocean technologies, was shared, and participants were able to ask questions of polar scientists.

Use the links below to access the recordings of Polar Stories.

Facebook Live

Monday, October 28 @ 7PM Eastern

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Polar Stories: Live from Antarctica School Group Interactions: 

Tuesday, October 29 @ 9AM Eastern

Thursday, October 31 @ 12PM Eastern

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