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“We believe that storytelling is part of the scientific process. We know that when the public is excited about research and exploration, so are the scientists. In collaboration with the Inner Space Center, you are broadening the impact of your research to be effectively, and accurately communicated to those outside the research and science community.”

– Alex DeCiccio, ISC Videographer

In today’s world, people communicate with digital media. We specialize in translating complex scientific and research concepts and accomplishments.

As residents of the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, we know what it takes to conduct scientific research, experiments and exploration.  Our staff is regularly out in the field in collaboration with scientists and students. Contact us with some information about your work and any initial ideas you may already have about communicating your project. We will work with you to figure out the best methods and timeline to accomplish your goals.

See below for examples and detailed descriptions of the services offered, or download the ISC Technical Services Guide 2018.

Click here for the ISC Video Portal to view videos from the ISC and our partners at NOAA and Ocean Exploration Trust.

Pre- Production:

  • Broader impact collaboration:  Now more than ever, it is imperative to use storytelling and interactions to engage the public in the fields of science and technology. We would like to encourage you to sit down with us before you submit grant proposals in order to have your outreach goals included in your original budget.
  • Scope of the project: First, we start by sitting down with you and your team to listen to your ideas for the project. With this information we can develop a project outline to make sure that we meet all of your key points and messaging goals.

Video Production Options:

On-Location Media Specialist

An ISC videographer with a field production kit can record project activities via still imagery, video, and audio. The videographer can conduct interviews with mission participants and assist with web content development and management. Video, image, and audio files will be delivered after the mission is completed.

  • On site high quality photography including portraits, marketing material, corporate style.
  • On site high quality audio recording, including podcast, radio interviews, natural soundscapes.
  • On site high quality videography, including interviews, documenting the project and producing marketing media.

Video Highlights Production

Deliver edited clips suitable for news outlets, social media, and other platforms to engage a variety of audiences.

Live Interactions

Coordinate and produce live interactions between the research platform and classrooms, museums, or other educational institutions. Interactions can be public or private events.

  • On-site live broadcast coordination, utilizing a Mobile Telepresence Unit, to communicate your research  directly to the web.
  • ISC staff can produce the story in the field with you, either directing or hosting the live interaction as it is being streamed.
  • Live production from the ISC production control. We can receive live feeds from a remote site and produce a live show with integrated content from our studio or your remote work site.  We can send raw or produced feeds to broadcast stations as well as directly to the web for viewing.

Documentary Production

The production team can produce short or full-length documentaries to communicate the science story for public engagement and broader impact.

  • Short form marketing piece or “advertorial” (outward facing advertising in an editorial style)
  • Short form documentary 
  • Feature documentary
  • High quality post-production utilizing the ISC studio or mission control to conduct interviews for integration in the documentary. We can use related background content to enhance your conversation.


  • Edit Process: Back at the ISC, our video production team will make a basic sequence of the video for your review.
  • Review Process: It is imperative that you participate in the review process to ensure that your objectives are met in the final product.
  • Education and training: our professional production team can help train educators and students to work, listen, learn and communicate science to their own communities. 
  • Delivery: Final products will be delivered at the end of the project.

Live Examples:

The World Oceans Day 2018 Tri-Ship Connection hosted by the Inner Space Center connected the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, E/V Nautilus and RV Falkor to discuss all-things ocean exploration.

Documentary Examples:

For more examples of videos produced by the ISC Media Services Team, go to the ISC YouTube Channel.

URI Today episode about the Inner Space Center, produced by our video specialist Alex DeCiccio:

Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Technology Readiness Tests for the GEBCO-NF Alumni Team documented by ISC Media Services Team.

Short version:

Full version:


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