Telepresence Services

The Inner Space Center offers a number of telepresence support options for both vessels and remote locations. See below for examples and descriptions of the services offered, or download the ISC Technical Services Guide 2018.


  • At-sea Telepresence Support
    • Satellite and internet bandwidth management
    • Mobile Telepresence Unit (MTU)
    • On-site MTU technician
  • On-shore Telepresence Support


We provide customizable telepresence solutions for any research mission.

  • Assist with satellite and Internet bandwidth design, procurement, and management
  • Receive live video, audio, and data feeds from a research vessel (or any mission location)
  • Rebroadcast the video streams
    • Provide private or public Internet streaming (YouTube, your website, Internet2 multicast, etc.)
    • Implementation of Facebook Live and Google Hangout events
    • Troubleshoot viewers’ or venues’ streaming issues
    • Develop web pages and dashboards to broadcast the mission in real time to anyone with a web browser
  • Record live video and share video files with mission stakeholders or the public
  • Communicate among mission personnel with custom telephone and intercom solutions
  • ISC Mission Control staffing for expedition support


If the research vessel or mission location does not already have telepresence equipment, the ISC can provide a Mobile Telepresence Unit (MTU). A MTU provides a stable solution for sending video and audio streams (from cameras and microphones) from the research vessel to the ISC.

  • ON-LOCATION MTU TECHNICIAN: A MTU technician can set up and/or administer the MTU for the research mission. This technician will troubleshoot audio and video feeds, provide quality-control, and optimize the outbound streams. The technician will also provide assistance with voice audio communication and data streams or file transfers.


ISC Mission Control can host up to eight scientists and/or students per watch, where they can participate virtually in the cruise. Scientists/students can view all incoming video and data, communicate with ships directly via intercom, participate in onboard discussions, and direct operations. We can also assist with meals and housing arrangements.


Custom solutions are available for research missions. Contact the ISC for more information and pricing.

Examples of ISC Telepresence Support

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

The Inner Space Center is the official live streaming partner of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. Using cutting-edge equipment, the ISC transcodes and distributes all three simultaneous live streams to the Internet and participating scientists.

E/V Nautilus

The Inner Space Center performs several mission-critical functions for Robert Ballard’s E/V Nautilus. The ISC receives, transcodes, and distributes the public live streams for Also, the private Nautilus interactions with schools and aquariums are broadcast and produced through the ISC Studio. All of the raw data and video recorded on the ship is archived at ISC Operations, where copies are made and delivered to scientists and governments worldwide.